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How it Works

Here's how easy it is to borrow an item:

  • Browse through our fabulous maternity closet and when you find something that fits your style, choose whether you want to borrow or buy it new (if available).
  • Borrow by the month, or if you want to keep it longer, that’s great too! There’s never a late fee – after the first month, we will just charge your credit card for an additional month if we do not receive the item back within seven (7) days of its due date.
  • However, if it’s an evening gown, we know you do not typically need it for more than a weekend, so you will have just a fourteen-day borrowing window for special occasion dresses (giving you enough time to receive it and return it to us). If we do not receive the special occasion dress within seven (7) days of its due date, we'll charge your credit card for an additional two weeks.
  • Borrow more than one item at a time. If you already own a pair of black maternity pants, go ahead and borrow a few of our blouses to mix and match.
  • Not sure what size you are? Get a second size for a nominal amount. To help you out, we also measure all the clothing, just click on “clothing measurements.”
  • When your belly has gotten too big for the clothing you have or you're ready for some changes in your maternity wardrobe, just print out your return shipping label on your account page to return your initial borrows. Then pick out what you want to borrow next!
  • Need an item for a future date? No problem. During checkout, just add the date you need the item by in the comments and the piece(s) will be reserved for you until you need them.
  • Curious when the rental clock starts? The clock does not begin until you receive the package. We track the package delivery via the shipping service and then will send you an email with the return date.
  • Item doesn't fit? return it for a store credit if it's a borrowed item; if it's purchased we'll refund it. Just notify us within three business of receiving your package.
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