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about us

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our story

Minefornine, the original maternity fashion rental brand, was born to create accessible maternity clothing rental options for working professionals and moms on the go. It was the first of its kind and grew up in a world where subscriptions boxes weren’t as widespread. Over 10 years later, we are still keeping it simple. A la carte rentals mean no complicated terms, no hidden recurring charges, and no subscription you’ll forget to cancel.

Moms come to us because renting is easy and flexible. They keep coming back because of the wide variety of items, styles, and special occasion clothes that they didn’t know they’d need during pregnancy.

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what we’re all about

Our mission is simple. Empower women during pregnancy so that they can focus on what matters the most — loving, caring, and preparing for their growing baby.

We want you to know that just because your body is changing, you don’t have to over- spend, compromise on style, or buy all new clothes. We strive to offer options for women of all ages, shapes, and trimester sizes. The borrow or buy model from minefornine gives you the power of choice and the maternity styles to express yourself

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we’re here for it

We’re here to provide you with a platform to shop online for clothing that will match your style, make you feel good, and fit your changing body throughout your pregnancy. We will deliver the clothes you want, when you need them. Minefornine can help you save money on maternity must-haves, so that you can splurge on those irresistible baby clothes that you’ve been eyeing.

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get in touch with us

We truly are here to make this whole pregnancy thing a little easier on you. Well, we can’t help when your water breaks, or squeeze your hand when you give birth, but we can answer your questions about minefornine. Make sure to check out our FAQ page for details, and send us an email with any questions.

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