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10 things you need for the Feed

10 things you need for the Feed

Although it may seem as if breastfeeding is an instinctual walk in the park to most new moms, this process can actually be more of a stumble in the dark. The reality is that breastfeeding, and everything that comes along with it, can be pretty complicated. And that is OKAY.

We believe in YOU and ALL the new momma out there who may be struggling to adapt to the latch. That’s why we came up with these 10 essential items that will set you and your tiny one up for nursing success.

  1. Nipple Cream: Lanolin

    While breastfeeding gives life to your little one, it may do just the opposite to your own physical body. Oftentimes, nursing can leave blistering or cracks, causing discomfort. Lanolin nipple cream is a natural wool wax that helps alleviate pain and sooth sore nipples. It is easy to apply and a new momma must have.

  2. Gel Pads

    Postpartum breastfeeding and pumping can lead to a pretty good deal of soreness and irritation. Gel pads were created to protect tender nipples from the friction of fabric rubbing against your lovely ladies. Most gel pads are equipped with cooling relief as well as a contoured shape for easy use. The gel pads are designed to be placed directly over your nipple to support the healing process of damaged skin and then be removed before breastfeeding.

  3. Lactation Aids

    Got Milk? If not, that’s okay. Lack of supply can be due to a number of reasons such as dehydration or even just not eating enough. Lactation aids such as the Oat Mama Lactation Bar, Lactation Supplements, and Lactation Tea can help improve milk supply to feed the hungry ones. Which one to choose? That is totally up to you! The bars are made with galactagogues, foods and herbs traditionally used to support healthy lactation which could be the option for you. The supplements will give you a healthy source of lactogenic herbs. Oat Mama offers a variety of herbal combinations, so you can find the one that works best for you. A few examples are their “You Got This” blend which contains both milk-supporting herbs and superfoods like spirulina to address postpartum nutritional deficiencies while delivering lactation support. Another is their “Slay Mama” which is a fenugreek-forward blend of organic milk-boosting herbs for a fast acting lactation boost. Try them all and find your perfect boost!

  4. Nursing Pillow

    Finding the correct nursing position for your little one can be tough and is an accomplishment in and of itself. Luckily, nursing pillows can help make this process a little easier by allowing you to comfortably situate your baby. These pillows can easily wrap around your body, and can also help alleviate neck, arm and shoulder pain that may be caused by nursing positioning. Do yourself a favor by checking out Mine for Nine’s selection and get you one of these! And for all of you on-the-go momma’s, The Little Beam Pillow is a great portable option for travel and storage.

  5. Nursing Cover

    Although breastfeeding in public should be normalized, and women everywhere should feel confident about nursing no matter where they may be, when beginning to nurse your sweet little bit in public, you might still want some privacy. A nursing cover gives privacy to breastfeeding mothers and does not require any special nursing clothing. The cover simply slips over your head like an apron and shields the whole shabang! It’s an easy and effective solution for unwanted onlookers! And to make things even better, you can check out our website for different styles to fit your personal needs.

  6. Nursing Bra

    Your average “over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder” just won’t cut it anymore. A nursing bra is a momma must have for maximizing efficiency, stability and comfort throughout your breastfeeding season. Nursing bras are designed to have cups that can fold down, be pulled to the side or clipped down in order to make the transition to feeding quick, easy and discrete.

  7. Nursing Tank

    Another breastfeeding apparel necessity is a nursing tank. The nursing tank can serve as a layering tool for wearing both under clothes or on it’s own for quick and easy access. Similar to the nursing bra, the tank can be designed with a clip down or pull down feature. They can also have a two layer design which allows the top layer to be pulled up and the bottom layer to be pulled down.

  8. Nipple Shield

    Although nipple shields should be used as a temporary solution to potential latching issues, they can be extremely useful and effective for the beginning stages of breastfeeding. The nipple shield can help create suction which leads to an extended ease in the breastfeeding process. It’s made of ultra-thin, super-soft, clear silicone and rests over the mom’s nipple when placed against her breast. There are holes at the tip so milk can flow through to the baby’s mouth.

  9. Breast Pump

    Using a breast pump could be a game changer throughout your nursing experience. Pumping breast milk can allow you the opportunity to increase your milk supply while also increasing your freedom. You now have the additional milk supply to pass on bottle duty to someone else and go get yourself a coffee. Pump, pump, pass as they may say!


  10. Milk Storage Bags

    After you get your pump, you are going to need somewhere to store the excess. This is where milk storage bags come in. Storage bags keep your milk safe and secure for later use. Utilizing them will save you time, energy and effort. In a momma’s world, we know those three things are more precious than gold.

    While we understand each individual’s nursing experiences are unique, here at Mine For Nine we strive to come alongside your individual journey to cheer you on, and equip you with resources to build confidence. You got this momma!!

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